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How to Make a Great Cup of Tea

In order to have a great cup of tea you need to have the following steps at a high level of excellence. If any of these steps are not excellent, then you will end up with an OK cup of tea or maybe even a lousy cup of tea:

1) Use only great tea. There is a lot of bad tea out there in the world and very little great tea.

2) Use great water free of chlorine or sulfur.

3) Use a great filter system. We use the Finum Permanent Filter (also available is the Finum Paper Filters) for all our tea preparation. They are available at our online tea store www.LanasTheLittleHouse.com.

4) Use the correct water temperature. Never microwave the water.

5) Time your tea accurately.

Brewing Basics
* Bring fresh filtered water to a full boil for black teas, herbals and some oolongs. Use less than boiling water for whites, greens, and some oolongs.
* Using a teaspoon, measure one level teaspoon of loose tea for each 6 ounce cup desired.
* Pour prepared water over tea, steep according to the brewing instructions below, and enjoy!

Type of Tea

Water Temp

Steep Time

White Teas


3-8 minutes

Green Teas


1-3 minutes

Oolong Teas


1-5 minutes

Black Teas


5 minutes



5 minutes

How to Store Tea

Store your tea in a dark space at room temperature such as a pantry. Always keep your tea sealed tight in the bag or tin. Tea is sensitive to light. Do not store tea in a clear bag or jar. Do not store tea in the refrigerator.

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